About Safe Key Store - Lock Locksmiths Hollywood, FL


Safe Key Store is the most trusted and reliable company when it comes to providing standard local locksmith services in and around Hollywood, FL. At Safe Key Store, locksmithing is not just confined to getting keys and locks repaired or installing them. With us, locksmithing goes far beyond that, because we believe that things should change with progress in time and we too keep ourselves acquainted towards advanced locksmith services. We cater to the customer’s unique security needs and ensure maximum security to them. Our technicians do the work with all of their commitment and devotion as rendering quality services to people has always been on top of our A-lists. 

In terms of experience, we are no less than any other locksmith agencies around Hollywood, in fact, the practical knowledge gained by us over the years has proven very helpful in listening to people’s locksmith concerns and offering appropriate solutions to them in what should or can be done about the problem. Not only are all our locksmiths highly-qualified, but we also keep up with the world conferences and conduct regular workshops to train our new locksmiths as well as improve the skills of our long-time working partners. 

Safe Key Store Hollywood, FL 954-283-5220People often seem to have doubts about whether they could possibly afford a locksmith or not; whether the service could cost them unreasonably. If you have these questions, then we assure you we only charge very moderate and reasonable rates; we only take according to what we make. So, forget the fears of losing much money in hiring us! 

When it comes to accessibility, you needn’t worry at all when you have us around. Our mobile units, equipped with the essential and latest tools and professional locksmiths will reach you wherever you are stuck (or not) and take it from there. Because our technicians are highly-skilled and qualified, you needn’t worry about their credibility or conduct. We love our customers; your assets as well as you are safe with us. We would never try to invade your privacy or excruciate it.

We help you protect yourself and your assets from potential risks and danger at very cheap/reasonable rates. So don’t hesitate to hire us. We would love to assist you with your locksmith concerns and together we could bring out a solution. We have always remained accountable and friendly with our customers, and we’d like to uphold these ethics of ours in the long run.

For any queries you may have, visit our contact page and please feel free to mail or call us. We’ll respond to you within no time!